Your technology can create impact.

Have you made an intriguing discovery, invented new technology, or found exciting research results? Do you want to explore its potential to create value for others? 

The Encubation program is a chance for you to be teamed up with talented entrepreneurs from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, dedicated to turn your technology based business idea into a startup venture.

Technology + Entrepreneurs + Chalmers Ventures
We have 15+ years of experience of bringing innovators and entrepreneurs together with the aim to create new growth companies. Every year we search for new technologies or research results from a variation of innovators, spanning from academic researchers to multinational corporations. So far 70+ companies have been created through the program, read about some of them here.

Criteria to get accepted:

  • Owner of technology (invention, data set, model, method, software, design), IP or know-how
  • Innovative/Unique edge (new technology or new application area)
  • Global market potential

Interested? Get in touch with us or send us a notice of interest straight away.