Companies in our portfolio

1928 Diagnostics

1928 Diagnostics offers a Software-as-a-Service to hospital laboratories for automated analysis of bacterial DNA to monitor treatment and control spread of antibiotic resistant infections. 

http://www.1928diagnostics.com »


CSR is waste of money. If you cannot talk about it. Sponsoring a charity without getting updates hinders companies from communicating what they do as part of their CSR strategy. AddTruly offers companies unique matching- and marketing tools that build transparent and profitable collaborations with NGOs and that provide unique story telling that create value. 

http://addtruly.com »

Akuvio (project)

Akuvio is developing a medical treatment for disc herniation that reduces inflammation and promotes resorption of the hernia. It has the potential to be the first effective, non-invasive, causal treatment for disc herniation, thus constituting a paradigm shift in the treatment of these patients.

akuvio.se »


Aluwave is an established provider of customized LED-modules and LED-fixtures that delivers to several of the largest lighting fixture manufacturers in Europe. Several of Aluwaves customers are also in the high-tech lighting space where Aluwave has been chosen as a supplier having strong competence in areas like radio control, smart drivers, batteries, Ultra violet, Infrared and medical lighting.

http://www.aluwave.com/ »

Aqua Robur

Aqua Robur Technologies addresses the issue of growing water scarcity and high leakage rates in public water pipelines by offering a ground-breaking approach to monitoring the pipelines. Self-powering sensors are places at various locations and data is transmitted by the state-of-the-art IoT protocol LORAWAN and analyzed in order to find deviations.

http://aquarobur.se/ »

Atium (project)

Atium’s goal is to help create an environment free from toxic heavy metals. We are developing a new technology for detecting and selectively removing mercury and other heavy metals from water. The patent pending technology is based on Chalmers research.



Biofrigas allow the great potential of biogas to be commercially available with its unique technology and processin turnkey systems. The large biogas potential is geographically scattered on farms far from the cities. Fertilizers and agricultural residues are a great gas substrat.

http://www.biofrigas.se »


BioNote is a free and open platform for collaborative identification of any and all species on Earth. 

http://www.bionote.xyz »


Biopetrolia creates yeast cell factories that are able to convert cheap raw materials into a diverse array of valuable fatty acid-based molecules. These molecules can be used as ingredients in cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals or biofuels.

http://www.biopetrolia.com/ »

Bioserva (project)

Our venture is developing a revolutionary storage solution for the biobanking industry. Our solution will mainly focus on addressing the negative issues that are associated to refreezing samples after an analysis. It will play a major role in preserving sample quality for future research and supporting the fight against resilient diseases. 


http://www.bioserva.se/ »


BOKIO deliver autonomous accounting for everyone, free of charge. The system use Artificial intelligence to automate invoicing, accounting and salaries and enable the business owner to take decisions based on facts not intuition. Currently in rapid growth, improving the corporate world. 

http://www.bokio.se/ »


Bonsai provides companies with staffing and recruiting services focused on students, through its in-house developed digital staffing platform.

http://www.bonsai.se/ »


Brinja is using a disruptive radar technology to increase safety in risky workplaces within the construction, mining and transport industry.

https://www.brinja.se/ »


Cellutech develops new cutting edge materials based on wood. The innovations originate from researchers connected to the Wallenberg Wood Science Center (WWSC, Sweden). Technologies under current development span from lightweight cellulose foams to cellulose spheres, magnetic cellulose fibers and superhydrophobic surfaces.

http://www.cellutech.se/ »


Coworks is the easy online work platform for employers and freelancers. We provide a full range of business tools for both employers and freelancers. Employers use Coworks to attract, screen, hire and manage freelancers.

https://coworks.com/ »

DeTecht (project)

DeTecht are developing a crash algorithm for motorcyclists that enable automatic emergency calls when an accident has occurred. This is expected to reduce the emergency response time by 50%. It will also help locate and determine the need of direct emergency treatment. In a situation where the rider is often not able to call for help themselves. 



Dialogtrail is a marketing service that uses Facebook Messenger to create more sales. Interactive & personalized marketing content allow businesses to create added value for their target audience. Transforming Messenger into a powerful marketing channel.

http://www.dialogtrail.com »

Digital grammars

Digital Grammars provides multilingual machine translation that is specialised, explainable and dependable.

http://www.digitalgrammars.com/ »


e-logistik provides third party logistic services (3PL) including warehousing, picking of products, wrapping and shipments. 3PL services for fast growing e-commerce companies with an international ambition is e-logistiks primary focus. Over 1 million shipments are processes annually and over 50% goes cross-boarder.

http://www.elogistik.se »


Through a sustainable biochar system removes CO2 from the atmosphere, creating a carbonnegative energy source, raises crop yields for agriculture and offers a new way of trading CO2.

http://www.ecoera.se »


Edvirt AB is an ed-tech company operating in the field of virtual training for mining and tunnelling operations. Edvirt develop simulators and offer training to mining companies, tunneling contractors and training schools globally. 

http://www.edvirt.com »


Elypta aim to prevent cancer mortality by earlier detection and closer monitoring of disease progression. Elypta’s liquid biopsy platform measure 20 novel biomarkers in blood and urine and use machine learning to identify cancer-type specific signatures. Studies have shown exceptional accuracy in kidney cancer with multiple other indications under investigation.

elypta.com »


Enatics vision is to add a new dimension to table tennis, by integrating technology into the sport. We are developing an interactive table tennis table that tracks movements, interacts with the player and offers training sessions, and a smart table tennis racket, that offers the possibilities of progress tracking, performance analytics, sharing/comparing and virtual challenges.

http://enaticsports.com/ »


Epishine has developed a manufacturing method for printing fully organic solar cells. The technology enables wireless power supply to sensors for the growing IoT market. In the long run, these new organic solar cells can also provide millions of people with affordable and clean electricity. The technology is based on more than 20 years of organic electronics research at Linköping and Chalmers University.

www.epishine.se »


Equilab is the number one app for horseback riders, it provides them with an easy way to get a better understanding of their horse health and share their experience with others.

https://equilab.horse/ »

Event Logic

Event Logic is an innovative planning tool that revolutionizes the way business is being made within the meeting and event industry. Event planners use Event Logic to find inspiration, book suppliers, invite participants and manage the entire booking process, resulting in significant value creation in terms of simplification and cost savings.

http://eventlogic.se/ »


Evispot provides the financial industry with more accurate credit decisions. Instead of looking at one person’s credit behaviour, we analyse the behavioural characteristics of the many. It is done by exploring artificial intelligence – because no human, neither configured software can handle the complexity of data that must be evaluated.

http://evispot.ai »


Futchi® is the new football game for both pros and beginners. Play alone or with friends. Anywhere. Leave your comfort zone and challenge complete strangers through the Futchi® App. Either way you´ll have fun and develop your skills at the same time. And hopefully meet some people who want to join in!

http://www.futchi.com »

Guinea Pig Health (project)

Guinea Pig Health is a marketplace for health, connecting health coaches who can offer tests, plans, and consultations to clients who want to optimise their health. Be the first to use Guinea Pig Health by signing up here: http://bit.ly/guineapighealth.


Halon Security

Halon is the DevOps favorite platform for email services, an SMTP software for service providers looking to consolidate and secure their email infrastructure. The company was founded in 2010 by brothers Peter and Jonas Falck, and the software is used on some of the worlds busiest email servers. 

https://halon.io/ »


hejbarn.se is a website that puts together all children’s activities in the cities – easily categorized by age group – to help children and families make the most of the life in the city. At the same time, it is also the perfect tool for organizers to reach and inspire their target market, giving them the opportunity to improve their offer, expand their businesses and be more resourseful.

http://hejbarn.se/ »

Industrial Path Solutions

Industrial Path Solutions (IPS)is a math based software tool for automatic verification of assembly feasibility, design of flexible components, motion planning and optimization of multi-robot stations, and simulation of key surface treatment processes.

http://industrialpathsolutions.se/ »


Int3 Software ABis the sole proprietor of EQU8, a uniquely non-intrusive anti-cheat solution for the online-gaming industry. EQU8 is designed to address cheating in any online title; from fast-paced eSport games such as Counter-Strike, to more relaxed MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft.

www.int3software.se »


Irisity – Meet the smartest, most curious, most exact trouble spotter in the surveillance business. In the security business, the goal is a zero fail rate, something nobody comes closer to than Irisity. We combine Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, from nine patented algorithms continuously detecting unauthorized human activity in any given picture. We are listed at Nasdaq First North: IRIS

irisity.com »

Knodd (project)

Knodd is building the first smart child health platform, where parents can get answers to child health questions within minutes from the Knodd app. Specialised child nurses and child doctors supported by an artificial intelligence aim to aid and empower parents in the early days of their parenthood.



Lamera: Using an advanced material as the formable Hybrix™ leads to endless opportunities when designing lightweight constructions. Hybrix™ is 50% lighter than equal solids with the same rigidity and stiffness. Lamera AB are developing and producing the micro-sandwich Hybrix™ with different metal face materials for a variety of market segments.

http://www.lamera.se »


Lejonapa provides amusement parks an innovative queuing solution that reduces the time all visitors stand locked in long lines so they enjoy more of what the park has to offer.

lejonapa.com »

Lumen radio

LumenRadiois a global partner in wireless connectivity. With patented ultra-reliable Cognitive Coexistence technologies, they offer radio modules and an operating system that can be integrated straight into their customer’s products enabling future IoT-offerings. By focusing on Future-Proof Connectivity, LumenRadio is Creating Connectivity for a better tomorrow.

http://www.lumenradio.com/ »


A personal security company on a mission to give more security, power and control to the people.

https://www.csafe.se/ »


Melodymate redefines musical education. It’s the first company to ever geographically match students with their personally selected musical teacher. Melodymate makes it easier than ever to start playing an instrument. We match you with your perfect teacher, play in your home or at the nearest private musical school.

http://www.melodymate.se/ »


Metry is a web-service that helps real estate companies and the energy sector to digitize their energy-data. Uploading data to Metry opens up new possibilities to save energy together with third party providers and allows users to get full control of their energy efficiency activities.

http://www.metry.io »


Mevia helps people take the right medication dose at the right time. Our intelligent packaging detects when you take your medication in real time and our system provides personal feedback and reminders instantly to you. We can also share this information with healthcare or relatives for enhanced support.

http://www.mevia.se »


Micvac is a Scandinavian food tech company with fresh ideas on how to produce convenience food. Our innovations revolve around the concept of in-pack cooking and pasteurisation. We strive to challenge the food industry and find new ways to the modern consumer. We serve the method. You serve the food.

http://micvac.com/ »


Mimbly makes water recycling accessible with an add-on solution that works with all existing laundry machines. The system recyles 80-90% of the water, saves energy and captures microfibers. By taking a percentage of the savings we create a win-win situation for our customers.

mimbly.net »


Minalyze is a service provider and developer of innovative analytical instruments for the mining and exploration industry. 

http://www.minalyze.com »


Modvion is the IKEA of wind power. By supplying modular towers to the wind power industry Modvion enable tripled generation capacity, transportability and cost efficiency at greater hub heights. With a bio-material construction Modvion reduces CO2 in the atmosphere, building renewables with renewables.

modvion.com »


Monivent offers a unique and user-friendly solution supporting the caregiver in achieving a safer treatment of newborns in need of respiratory support at birth.

http://www.monivent.se/ »

Nemetic (project)

With the demand and queues for high quality health care steadily rising, the need for innovative products are ever more important. We are developing a new surgical instrument that will reduce the time needed for open abdominal surgery, lower costs and open up valuable surgery space for patients in need.



Nirna delivers security as a service. We’ve built a cloud-based security analysis engine that enables us to detect cyber attacks against your company. If firewalls catch 80% of threats targeting your company, we focus on catching the last 20% – the advanced threats. We detect what firewalls don’t.

https://nirna.io/ »


Northfork is the world leading SaaS platform for personalized grocery shopping experiences. Our technology empowers our partners to offer an experience for their consumers to buy groceries in an improved, faster and personalized way than ever before. We translate recipes to products, create personalized recipe recommendations and enable brand promotion campaigns with strong ROI. 

www.northfork.ai »

Ophena (project)

A new generation of stirrups. Ride with confidence.


http://ophena.se/ »


OptiGOT develops surface emitting diode lasers (VCSELs) for present and future applications in optical communications, sensing and high power. We offer integrated design, prototyping and testing services, or parts thereof, tailored to our customers’ needs.

optigot.com »


Oxeon: Market leader in Spread Tow reinforcements, with its products marketed under the brand name TeXtreme®, and offers its customer spread tow carbon reinforcement solutions resulting in ultra-light advanced composites products designed to last

http://www.oxeon.se/ »


Parakey makes it possible for businesses to unlock doors and gate with their smartphone, and manage both users and digitala keys at a large scale. Keycards and fobs are as vintage as vinyl records.

http://www.parakey.co »

Patientkollen (project)

Patientkollen, a multi-platform software service, aims to empower and support patients throughout the surgery process. Patients will be able to log their recovery and get feedback. In the future Patientkollen will be able to identify risk-patients, which will eliminate unnecessary suffering for patients and pressure on the health sector.


Pinya group

Pinyata is a cloud based platform for loyalty between businesses and customers. With Pinyata, businesses can engage their customers, increase their sales and offer a better service through smart technology. 

http://pinyagroup.com/ »


Portomus offers savings in costs and time for mail and parcels through postage and freight optimization via a web-based software. In international distributions which is Portomus primary focus the cost savings can be up to 50%.

http://www.portomus.com/ »


ProLeads is the holy grail of Account Based Prospect Development. We provide a set of tools for Account Based Sales teams to reduce their customer acquisition cost and increase conversion rates on closing new business. Our mission is to help connect B2B sellers with the right buyers to reach quota with the best customers.

https://proleads.io/ »


Promimic: Markets HAnano Surface; a surface treatment that can be used on all implants regardless of material and geometry. Composed of crystalline hydroxyapatite particles, the surface has the same shape and composition as in human bone. HAnano Surface is used clinically and has proven to significantly promote osseointegration of implants.

http://www.promimic.com/ »


RaceONE is the social app for races, connecting participants, family and spectators during sports events such as running and biking. A completely new way to experience the race live – before, during and after.

http://www.raceone.se/ »


rdot is developing the most energy efficient color display in the world. The combination of vibrant color rendering, energy efficiency, paper-like readability, flexibility and thinness makes rdot’s reflective display truly unique, enabling development of visual solutions which fulfil the expectations of future generations. 

rdotdisplays.com »

ReVibe Energy

Revibe: By turning vibrations into electricity, ReVibe makes sensor systems completely autonomous and powers the Industrial Internet of Things.

http://revibeenergy.com »


No matter what skill level you are at as a horseback rider, a balanced seat is something you always strive to achieve. Our innovation is a digital system with an app that assist the rider in learning and perfecting the vertical seat effectively and intuitively,  in real-time, while riding.

Safer Society Group

The Safer Society Group develops impact tech companies with the mission to create a safer and smarter society through IT. The group consists of subsidiaries NetClean, Griffeye and Paliscope. NetClean develops world-leading technology to fight child sexual abuse material. Griffeye provides the world’s premier platform for processing and analyzing large amounts of image and video data. Paliscope will be officially launched in 2018.

www.safersociety.com »


Sigmastocks offers an intelligent investment service to help investors become self-sufficient regarding their equity portfolio management. 

http://sigmastocks.com »

Simplex Motion

Simplex Motion:By utilizing a patented sensor system technology, Simplex Motion created an integrated servomotor product which is a compact, high performance and complete motor system. Compared with other existing integrated servomotors on the market, Simplex Motion’s current servomotor excels in output torque for its size and weight as well as its cost efficiency.”

http://simplexmotion.com/ »


Simplexia uses a new strategy to develop a vaccine against herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) infection. The vaccine is based on the HSV-2 type-specific glycoprotein G-2 (gG-2) and induces complete protection from disease in mice. The goal of the project is to conduct clinical I/II studies in humans.

http://simplexia.se/ »


Skisens AB provides technology to help  cross-country skiers tracking and analysing their performance for improvement in the most efficient way. We develop a ski handle with integrated sensors to record poling position and power during exercise. Future goals are to deliver a full support service with integrated electronics, electromechanical solutions and analysis tools to the sport industry.



Smoltek specializes in development of nanostructure fabrication technology to solve advanced engineering problems. Smoltek has developed SMOLTEK Tiger, a proprietary platform technology that enables formation of nanostructures optimized for advanced semiconductor packaging applications. Smoltek offers commercial licenses to its extensive patent portfolio comprising more than 60 patents granted and pending.

smoltek.com »


Soot Tech’s patented HISS technology transforms your steam sootblowing system into an effective tool that handles clogging and increases the efficiency of your power and recovery boilers.

http://www.soottech.se/ »


Spira is developing a more efficient machine for compressing air. By storing energy as compressed air Spira can solve one of the world’s largest problems. The technology has shown exceptionally high efficiency through prototype testing. The invention is patented, and the plan is to start installing the first machines during 2018/2019.

http://www.spiraenergy.com »


Sportlala has developed a technology for quicker product management which allows the company to bring the outlet online. The technology reduces man hours and the concept provides perfect growth opportunities. Through a membership based service customers enjoy steep discounts on big brands from the sports industry. 

sportlala.se »

Stayble Therapeutics

Stayble Therapeutics AB is developing an injectable treatment against discogenic chronic low back pain. The treatment has the potential to effectively alleviate the patient’s pain and is assumed to be effective within a couple of weeks, last the patient’s entire life and require no extensive rehabilitation.

http://www.staybletherapeutics.se »


Stockit: Online marketplace for the Paper- and Timber industry. Connecting buyers and mills for better business.

https://stockit.se/ »

Streampeak (project)

Streampeak makes it easier for influencers and brands to work together by enabling faster and easier imple- mentations of sponsorship deals through a web-based application. This will enable more influencers to earn a living of their audience, and brands to utilize more influencers in their marketing efforts. 

http://streampeak.com/ »

Strintagi (project)

We provide a platform for data-driven analysis of game replays and provide feedback through an AI in order for eSporters to step up their game.



Swecure is a biotechnology company developing treatments for immunoregulatory disorders linked to the gut microbiome such as allergy and IBD. Swecure is based on research in bacteriology and immunology from The Sahlgrenska Academy with more than 20 years of experience in the area of infant gut bacterial flora.

http://www.swecure.com »

Swedish Algae Factory

Swedish Algae Factory extracts a super-material from algae that enhances the efficiency of solar panels, block UV light and absorb and release chemical substances efficiently. In the production process water is cleaned, valuable nutrients are recycled, carbon dioxide is absorbed and a valuable sustainable organic biomass is also produced.

http://www.swedishalgaefactory.com »

Time critical networks

Time Critical Networks: Simulation tools for evaluating next generation networks. With TCN’s software the user can build robust data networks with latency and packet-delivery in mind. The users are mainly within the automotive industry, using the software for creating the upcoming autonomous driving communication systems in-vehicle as well as outside the vehicle (V2V/V2X).

http://www.timecriticalnetworks.com/ »

Touch & Tell

Touch & Tell: Get to know your customers and sharpen your offer. Touch&Tell offers continuous and automatic feedback by providing powerful customer feedback terminals. Touch&Tell understand how important it is to listen to your customers and make improvements to your business. Touch&Tell’s terminals operate 24 hours a day anywhere in the world.

http://www.touch-and-tell.se/ »


TRINE is a fin-tech startup with the aim to eliminate energy poverty. 1 out of 5 people around the world currently lack access to electricity. TRINE seeks to solve this problem by enabling people to invest in solar energy projects with social, environmental and economic impact, while getting return on their investment.

http://www.jointrine.com »


Trovisio has developed a revolutionary Vendor Management System (VMS) currently in beta. The business idea is to offer the customer the best possible consultancy expertise on the market at any given time.

https://www.trovisio.com/ »


Provides a mobile system solution for road carriers, which dramatically lowers fuel costs and administration.

http://www.vehcogroup.com »


Developing a textile-based water purification system for absorption of heavy metals, which works using textile coated with biomass.

http://www.waterweave.se/ »


Winningtemp is a revolutionary technology developed to create prosperous and healthy workplaces. By using Winningtemp’s unique engine for collection of data in real time, leaders at all levels in an organisation can work proactively to improve HR issues such as motivation, stress and overload – thereby reducing cost.

http://winningtemp.se/ »


Yolean offers software solutions and consulting to organisations that seek to increase and continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness of daily work through visual management and knowledge management. Our portfolio contains methods and tools for visual planning and deviation management and an effective approach for knowledge management called thin-slicing and checksheets.

http://yolean.com/ »


Create great photography together. Be inspired by breathtaking photography, connect and get personal feedback from professional photographers. Create amazing photography with full access to interactive courses in all categories of photography. Share your experience and get rewarded with massive global exposure, increased likes, sales and conversions.

youpic.com »


Revolutionary ultra fast memory compression systems for real time direct access in all systems for all applications.

https://wp.zptcorp.com/ »


Zifra is developing a unique memory card that can encrypt pictures, audio and video in real time. This way, journalists and their sources can enjoy state-of- the-art encryption in the field, securing themselves, their sources and their stories. 

zifra.tech »